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Steel Raised Access Floor Systems – Engineering achievements

Taipei 101 Financial Center

Bank Of Panshin

Headquarter of Nan Shan Life Insurance Company

Headquarter of Cathay Life Insurance

Headquarter of IGS

President Group– Office Building

Sheng Yang Real Estate– International Financial Center

Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.General Headquarters

Crown of the world

Rich Development – Nan-Jing Trade Building

Chinatrust Commercial Bank – General Headquarters

Cosmos Bank, Taiwan – General Headquarters

Rich Development – Dun-Nan Financial Building

Bank SinoPac– General Headquarters

Sun Yuh Construction Co., Ltd.Da-Yuh Commercial Building

XinYi Ro. Office Building

Tung-Tai Building

UMC– General Headquarters

Sheng Yang Real Estate– Glory of Sheng Yang

Rich Development – Ji-Lin Building

Rich Development – Zhong-Zheng Building

Taishin Financial Holding Co., Ltd.


Taishin Bank Tower

Cathaylife Xiangyang building

Office of library and information of Huafan University

Chang Hwa bank information building

Aluminum Raised Access Floor Systems – Engineering achievements

AboCom Systems, Inc.

King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

NEXcell Battery Co., Ltd.

Grand Pacific Optoelectronics Corp.


APACK Technologies

HannStar Display Corporation

EEMS Asia (SuZhou)

Macronix International

Tupont Photomaskers

MinAik China

King Yuan Electronic

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