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Levaflor Aluminum Raised Access Floor


    In pace with development of science, the demand of raised floor in the clean room rises appropriately. In the view of trend, Levaflor develops the aluminum raised floor system which can meet the high standard requirements in the clean room. All the system is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. The system is light and handy and is formed entirely. Its anti-corrosion is also great. In addition, the panel is designed by theory of architecture and breaks through the traditional thought and its load hence is enhanced.



  1. uring the panels by corner-lock screws can enhance the anti-earthquake ability. (PIC 1)
  2. The perforated panel the treatment-Chamfer Hole and even more meets the high-standard requirement in the clean room . (PIC 2) (PIC 3)
  3. In order to meet various requirements in the clean room, the panels are available in 18%, 20% and 25% open area. In addition, the grating panels are also available in 40% or 48% open area. (PIC 4) (PIC 5)
  4. We can provide surfacing materials such as conductive tile, high pressure laminated or stainless steel. (PIC 6)
  5. Epoxy coating, Powder coating, Positively treated or non-electrostatic nickel treated aluminum flooring are available on request. 
(PIC 1) (PIC 2) (PIC 3) (PIC 4) (PIC 5) (PIC 6)
Description Type-700 Type-500
Measurement 600 × 600mm 600 × 600mm
Material ADC-12 ADC-12
Weight 9.5kg 8.5kg
Ohm for conductive tile 10^4 ~10^6 Ω 10^4 ~10^6 Ω
Ohm for H.P.L. 2 × 10^6 ~10^10 Ω 2 × 10^6 ~10^10 Ω

Open area

18 %、 20 %、 25 % 18 %、 20 %、 25 %


 Pedestal :

  1. In step with future trend, pedestal columns are designed with relief linesallowing the structure to support up to 6,500kg at a height of 75 cm from the ground. (PIC 1)
  2. T There is better conductibility as the steel-net rubber pad is on the head of pedestal. (PIC 2)
  3. Because of the lock the pedestal owns better load and anti-earthquake .(PIC 3)
  4. The pedestals are installed with special adhesive and fixed by expandable screws as you require. (PIC 4)
  5. The raised floor level could be adjusted by screw and we also can provide the special height as you required. (PIC 4)
  6. The aluminum or steel pedestals are available on request. (PIC 5)
  7. Pedestals with reserved grounding outlet are convenient to be grounded and its grounding is excellent. 
(PIC 1) (PIC 2) (PIC 3) (PIC 4) (PIC 5)



  1. We can provide the double stringers which can enhance quakeproof. The under stringer can also be the frame of cable tray . (PIC 1)
  2. The third stringer and its designed cable tray not only avoid the magnetic disturbance but also flexibly manage the cables. (PIC 2)
  3. Aluminum stringer can be fixed on the head of pedestal with screws.(PIC 3)
  4. In order to meet various requirements, Levaflor can provide the steel stringers which combine the removable-load stringer framework. (PIC 4)
(PIC 1) (PIC 2) (PIC 3) (PIC 4)


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