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Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor Systems

Due to the increasing needs of environmental building materials, Levaflor Inc. has released a new product: Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor Systems. This new product has some special characteristic that other raised floors do not have:


1.      Fire performance: Because Calcium Sulphate panel has low heat transfer coefficient, it possesses great ability of fire resistance and burning resistance.

2.      Sound insulation: The thickness of panel is 30mm, it provides excellent sound resistance. It can reduce around 15-20 dB. In addition, when it uses as raised floor, it can enhance the function of sound insulation.

3.      Electrical behaviors: It can lower the damage of electromagnetic from the compute or control rooms where have many machines located

4.      Durability: All materials are not jerry built, we insist to provide good quality for customers.

5.      Low deflection: Because it is a special material, the panel is hardly changed.

From the characteristics, this new product gives you many extra values that other products can not provide. It is very suitable for houses, luxury apartment, offices and hotels.


In order to respond to the concept of green building material, we announced a new surfaced panel- bamboo surfaced panel. We will show you why we choose bamboo as surfaced panel.

1.      Firmness: The hardness of bamboo is higher than trees, so the durability is higher than woods.

2.      Quick life cycle: The life cycle of bamboo is around 3-5 years; it is quicker than trees which need 10-25 years. So the source of bamboo is abundant.

3.       Producing more oxygen: Bamboo can generate more than 35% oxygen than trees.

4.       Stability: We use radial surface to make the panel, so the stability of bamboo is better than woods. Not easily deform and suitable for humid area.

In order to match the special needs, Calcium Sulphate panel can combine with different kinds of materials as surfaced panel. Such as conductive tile, PVC tile, carpet tile, ceramic, granite…etc. In addition, the test process is following the rules of CISCA, so the quality is undeniable.


Product specification:

Calcium sulphate panel

Panel concentrated loading





Bare panel(1)

Bamboo as surfaced panel (2)

Ceramic as surfaced panel(3)



























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