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Levaflor GRC Raised Access Floor System

The trend of green products about Raised Access floor System is fire proof, water proof, sound isolation and excellent load ability. It will be available to install in indoor or outdoor.

GRC panel is manufactured and adapted by Germany formula and technology. It is unnecessary to cover by steel plate and very comfortable when walking as well as on the cement’s ground.

GRC is available for office buildings, meeting rooms and outdoors.




    GRC floor take high-quality cement as the main raw material and mix with strengthened fiber. It can not only maintain the super fire resistance of raw material itself, but also can increase the loading ability of the finished product. It’s finished surface does not use metal materials, so the walking feeling is close to actual concrete floor, which can bring about a down-to-earth feeling.

    GRC floor is small in size, light in weight, therefore, it is much more convenient for installation, and it can also reduce the raised floor system weight on the sub-floor, making the lifespan of the sub-floor more durable.

    The floor panel is slimmer and lighter, the height of the system is adjustable, it can improve the cabling utilization of the under floor space.

    It is easy to install, the size is precise, and thus the floor panels can be freely interchanged.

    It is made of the eco-friendly materials, it can be recycled, and thus we conserve resources and protect the environment.

    Wiring panel makes flexible wiring.



1.      High standard fire performance

2.      High strength raised floor

3.      Sure-footed and soft-feeling walking

4.      Ventilation structure, flexible for wires

5.      Rewarded LEED(USA) certification




Pedestal system


pedestal height FFH=50~200mm


Pedestal system loading requirements

基座種類 pedestal type


Pedestal system does not collapse with 3000Kg axial load

中基座   normal pedestal



邊基座   perimeter pedestal




Panel type


(L × W × H)


Ultimate load






Nature color



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