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Conductive Tile

  • Production, assembling and inspection process on various semiconductors
  • Production, assembling and laboratory application for electric and electronic products
  • Computer rooms, laboratories
  • Clean rooms, electronic exchange office, communication office
  • operation rooms in hospital, pharmaceutical facilities
  • Explosives manufacturing plants, dealers of inflammable gases
  • intelligent offices, public facilities
  • Other places where electrostatic inflence is expected
  • Excellent coductivity
    - Surface and grounding electric resistance (2.5*104~1.0*109)
    - Conductive particles formed in special mesh structure have semi-permanent service life.
    They will fully shut down static electricity.
  • Good DESIGN
    It bears quality tone and a texture resembling natural marble with aesthetic touch
  • Good durability
    it excels in durability and is water resistant and chemical resistant
  • Dust free environment
    The surface of tile floor has low level of electrostatic potential with free of dust
    accumulation, making it possible to keep clean and also easy to remove stains
  • Good load bearing capacity
    it excels in withstanding heavy loads to include various machines, carts, beds, etc .
  • Excellent resistance to fire
    fire-resistant PVC tiles, they help prevent spread of fire.
  • Outstanding properties
    Made of top quality material, it provides comfort of stepping on, and because of its flexible nature it does not break easily from an impact. control of thickness is easy and it does not come undone from the floor.


 Test Method       


 Typical Value

 Specific Gravity      ASTM D792    1.50(Floor)
 ASTM D792    1.70(OA)
 Hardness (Shore D)  ASTM D2240     65
Abrasion Resistance    ASTM D4060  mg  40
 Size Length   KSM 3802  %  <0.1
 Width  KSM 3802  %   <0.1
 Verticality    KSM 3802  mm  <0.2
 Indentation 20 ﹉ C   KSM 3802  mm  0.60
45 ﹉ C  KSM 3802  mm  0.80
 Residual indentation    KSM 3802  mm  0.09
 Dimensional Stability  Length   KSM 3802  %  0.08
 Width  KSM 3802  %  0.08
 Ignition Loss   KSM 3802  %  0.12
 Bending Test   KSM 3802  -  No Crack
 Impact Test   KSM 3802  -  No Crack
 Fire Resistance   NFPA 99  -  Meets
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